Pick Your Favorite Sessions

Now that we’re getting close to November 2 and the session submission window is nearly closed, it’s time to start perusing the proposed sessions and indicating your favorites.

Selecting your favorite sessions is not a vote for that session, nor does it mean you have to vote for that session or even attend the session on November 2. It’s simply a way for the hopeful nominee to gauge interest in his or her chosen topic … or whether there’s a need to drum up more interest or adjust the topic a bit prior to the event.

Favoriting sessions is also helpful once voting is complete, as you’ll be able to easily see the times and room locations of your selected sessions on your profile as soon as it is announced, so you won’t miss any of the sessions you wanted to see.

How do you favorite a session? First, make sure you’re signed in to your profile. Once you’ve done that, check out the descriptions for each of the proposed sessions. At the bottom of each, there’s a button that’s labeled “I want to attend this session.” Click that, and the session will be added to the “My Sessions” tab of your profile.

To review your sessions, go to your profile page and click the tab marked “My Sessions” to see a complete list of all your favorites. This is also the place where you’ll see the room number and time information on November 2 after voting is completed.

So, get started selecting your favorite nominees now!