A History of BarCamp Nashville

In Spring 2007, Marcus Whitney and Dave Delaney devised a plan to bring the legendary BarCamp style "unconference" to Nashville. The objective was simple: to put Nashville on the Digital Map. While the world knows Nashville as the home of country music, it often overlooks that some very talented technology-savvy people live in Nashvegas too. With the help of fellow organizers Kelly Stewart and Dean Shortland, and the BarCamp Nashville Crew and sponsors, they built an unforgettable event.

The first BarCamp Nashville was held August 18, 2007 at the Exit/In and Cafe Coco. The Exit/In featured a pre-scheduled stage, while Cafe CoCo offered a more traditional sign-up-and-speak style true to BarCamp form. New Media luminaries graced both venues for what was acclaimed as a celebration of the digerati. The event ran from 12pm - 12am which gave it a true festival feel, as did the 100+ degrees and ample cold beverages.

Keeping community in mind, Dave and Marcus handed BarCamp over to the BarCamp Nashville Crew. Passing the BarCamp torch has become an annual custom to keep the event fresh each year, as well as to involve new members of the Nashville tech community.

In September of 2008, Plugged In, Inc. was formed to facilitate the funding of BarCamp Nashville.

Keep BarCamp Rocking!